One of the benefits of Westmoreland Club Membership are the Affiliate Clubs

As a member, you have access to more than 125 clubs all over the world. Whether it’s for a business meeting, dining, or overnight accommodations, our many affiliate clubs are available to you as an added benefit.

Affiliate Clubs

We currently have affiliations in 31 states, Washington, DC, and throughout the world: Canada, China, France, England, India, Ireland, Scotland, and Spain. Many of these clubs offer overnight rooms or athletic facilities, and others are strictly social and dining clubs like the Westmoreland Club.

Affiliate Clubs

We exchange clubhouse privileges subject to the House Rules of the respective clubs. Each club has their own way of billing, whether it is charged to your Westmoreland Club account or settled directly with them. Before using one of our affiliate clubs, we recommend contacting the Club office so that we may send a letter of introduction on your behalf.

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