Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a member. Our Membership Director will help you through each step of the process.

  • 1. Completing the Request
    • Complete a request for membership information.

      Membership Information Request

  • 2. Prospective Member Reception
    • Prospective Member Receptions are held quarterly courtesy of the Member Development Committee. These gatherings are an ideal way for prospective members to learn more about the Westmoreland Club and its values, meet other members and prospects, and take a tour of the clubhouse. Individual meetings can also be arranged with the Membership Director. A Proposer must be identified prior to attending. To reserve, please contact Karla Shrive at or call the club at (570) 822-6141
  • 3. Sponsorship
    • You need three sponsors total (this includes the Proposer and Seconder and a third supporting member). If you are unclear about who you know, contact the Membership Department. The Membership Department will also contact all of the sponsors to request letters of recommendation.

  • 4. Admission & Approval
    • You must have letters of recommendation from all three proposing members submitted to the Admissions Committee to be considered "ready to post”. Once you are added to the monthly posting list, you are considered a "candidate”, officially beginning the membership process. After posting, candidates are elected to membership by the Board of Governors.

  • 5. New Member
    • Once you have been elected to membership, you will be invited for a reception and orientation tour to celebrate your election to the Club.

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