The Westmoreland Club has been a vital part of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s business and social arenas since its establishment in 1873. In contrast to the Club’s beginnings as a small group of elite founding members, the Club today has a diverse membership of approximately 1,500 represented by the business, cultural and charitable leaders of the greater Wyoming Valley.

Members join the Club not only for its prestigious heritage, exceptional dining, outstanding entertainment programs and access to over 100 affiliate clubs throughout the United States and abroad, but more so for the opportunities the Club provides to build a lifetime of lasting professional and social relationships.

Membership is extended only by invitation from an existing member with recommendations from two additional members and approval by the Board of Governors. The Westmoreland Club does not discriminate in its selection of members on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age or national origin.

“Couples say ‘I do’
 in the Club they love.”

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